Deputy Governor for Social Policy

Deputy Governor for Social Policy 



8 (4922) 32-51-45

Office 624 (building of the regional administration)


Responsible for the implementation of public authority in the following areas:
  • social protection of the population;
  • youth policy;
  • policies in the field of education, health care, culture, physical
  • culture and sports, protection of objects of cultural heritage;
  • work, life and life;
  • fixed immigration policy;
  • registration of civil status acts.

Coordinates and supervises the work:

  • Secretariat of the Deputy Governor of the region for social policy;
  • health department;
  • Department of Culture;
  • Department of Education;
  • Department of Social Protection;
  • Department of Physical Culture and Sport;
  • Department of Labor and Employment;
  • Civil Registry Office;
  • State Inspectorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage
  • Objects;
  • Youth Policy Committee;
  • Social Policy Committee.

Supervises the activities of non-profit organizations on core areas.

Headed by coordinating and advisory body, formed by the respective regulatory legal acts (within assigned authority).
Interacts (within assigned authority) to:
  • federal bodies of state power, bodies of state power of the
  • subjects of the Russian Federation;
  • federal authorities exercising authority in the field of migration;
  • Territorial Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of
  • Consumer Rights and Human Welfare in the Vladimir Region;
  • State Labor Inspectorate in the Vladimir region;
  • branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir region;
  • Vladimir Oblast Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund;
  • Vladimir Regional Department of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • local governments of municipalities of the Vladimir region;
  • territorial bodies of federal executive bodies.