Acting First Deputy Governor of the region

Acting First Deputy Governor of the region

Alexander Alexandrovich Remiga


8 (4922) 32-53-25

Office 610 (building of the regional administration)

Responsible for the implementation of public authority in the following areas:
  • economic policy;
  • industrial policy and science;
  • innovative development and import substitution;
  • investments and foreign economic activity;
  • tourism;
  • entrepreneurship, trade, services;
  • agro-industrial policy and food security;
  • veterinary medicine;
  • supervision of the technical condition of self-propelled cars and other types of equipment, attractions;

The Acting Governor for the period of his absence (on the order).

Coordinates the activities of Vice-Governor (on behalf of the Governor).

Coordinates and supervises the work:

Oversees the work of:
  • industrial organizations in core activities;
  • organizations operating in the field of natural and technical sciences;
  • organizations engaged in economic activities in the “Wholesale and retail trade” sector;
  • In the municipal capital of the Vladimir region there are official bodies of state power and society that deal with issues of the agro-industrial complex.

Headed by coordinating and advisory body, formed by the respective regulatory legal acts (within assigned authority).

Interacts (within assigned authority) to:

  • federal state authorities, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
  • The territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Vladimir region;
  • Federal budget institution "State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Vladimir Region";
  • Office of the Federal Tax Service in the Vladimir region;
  • Vladimir Customs;
  • other territorial bodies of federal executive bodies;
  • local governments of municipalities of the Vladimir region;
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Vladimir region;
  • industry associations, unions, associations, societies;
  • Interregional territorial administration of the Federal Agency for State Property Management in Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl regions;
  • Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the Vladimir region;
  • Office of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in the Vladimir region;
  • Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the Vladimir region;
  • Inspection of the Vladimir region - a branch of the federal state institution "State Commission of the Russian Federation for Testing and Protection of Breeding Achievements";
  • federal state budgetary institution "Center of Agrochemical Service" Vladimirsky ";
  • Federal State Budgetary Institution "Department of Land Reclamation and Agricultural Water Supply in the Vladimir Region";
  • federal state budgetary institution "Federal Center for Animal Health";
  • Federal State Budgetary Institution "Upper Volga Federal Agrarian Scientific Center";
  • Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Federal Research Center of Virology and Microbiology";
  • a branch of the federal state budgetary institution “Rosselkhoztsentr” in the Vladimir region;
  • local governments of municipalities of the Vladimir region;
  • Open Joint-Stock Company "Pokrovsky Plant of Biological Products";
  • Association for the Promotion of Peasant (Farm) Farms and Other Agricultural Producers of the Vladimir Region “Revival of the Village”;
  • Vladimir Union of Milk Producers;
  • open joint-stock company "Vladimirskoe" for breeding work";
  • peasant farms;
  • open joint-stock company "Vladimirselkhozkhimia";
  • regional union of consumer societies;
  • horticultural partnerships and societies.