Executive summary regarding the outcome of investments in the Vladimir region economy

Executive summary regarding the outcome of investments to the economy of the Vladimir region.


1. Fixed Investments

According to the Federal State Statistics Service the volume of fixed investments in 2013 amounted to 65.3 billion roubles (including small businesses, individual construction and informal economy), which was 0.5  per cent higher than in 2012 (in comparable prices). 
Fixed investments by the end of 2012 from all funding sources are projected at 63.6 billion roubles level.

Dynamic of Attracted Fixed Investments in 2005-2013


2. Foreign Investments

By the end of 2013, the volume of foreign investment into the regional economics amounted to 547 million U.S. dollars. On this indicator the Vladimir region takes 8th place in the rating of the regions of the Central Federal District.

2.1. Dynamic of Foreign Investments in 2005-2013


2.2.Changes in Inpayments of Foreign Investments by Types

In 2013, in comparison to the year 2012 income volume of:

  • direct foreign investments reduced by 40 per cent (126 million U.S. dollars);
  • portfolio investments reduced by 0.164 million U.S.dollars (0,036million U.S. dollars);
  • other foreign investments (trade and other loans) reduced by 27.5 per cent (420 million U.S. dollars).  

2.3. Foreign Investments Diversification

- by type of economic activity:

In 2013

98,1 per cent of total foreign investments were made in processing industry (536.4million U.S. dollars);

0,8 per cent - in wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, household goods and personal items (4.3 million U.S. dollars);

0,3 per cent - in financial activities (1,4 million U.S. dollars);

0.2 per cent  - in real estate transactions, renting and business activities (1,1 million U.S. dollars).

Foreign Investments Diversification by Type of Economic Activity by the end of 2013 (million U.S. dollars)



Leaders among processing enterprises with regard to attracted foreign investments are:

  1. food production (378.8 million U.S. dollars or 69,2% of total investments),
  2. the production of machines and equipment (66.6 million U.S. dollars or 12% of total investments),
  3. manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (37.7 million U.S. dollars, or 6,9% of total investments).

- by municipalities:

In 2013 the volume of foreign investments accounted for Petushky (58.3%), Vyazniky (12.2%), and Alexandrov (11.2%) districts.

4. Major countries - investors

In 2013investments into the regional economy came from 25 countries.  The most significant amounts of foreign capital came from Switzerland (36.9%), Ukraine (14.9%), Turkey (13.4%), UK (5.1%),  Poland (4.7%) and Netherlands (4.6%).

Inpayments of Foreign Investments into the Regional Economy by the Main Countries-Investors in 2013 (million U.S. dollars)


5. Investment projects implementation

Major investment projects in 2013 are: 

-          Construction of the factory for the production of food products under the trade mark "Maggie" in Vyazniky district by Swiss company "Nestle";

-          Rrelease of a new varieties at the factory «Bolshevik» in Sobinka, expansion of the product range in a chocolate factory in Pokrov  by company "Mon'deliz"  ; 

-          Construction of Technopark in the south-western industrial zone  of Alexandrov by Turkish company "Sefa";

-          Production of roofing materials (shingles) in Kirzhach  by company  "Döcke":

-          Modernization of production of mechanical complex by company "Gusar".