Lidia Filippovna Smolina

Firstf Deputy Governor on Infrastructure Development, of Housing and Energy

pLidia Filippovnap Smolinap

8 (4922) 32-50-61

Office 610 (building of the regional administration)

Responsible for the implementation of public authority in the following areas:
  • energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • Housing and utilities;
  • use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • state housing supervision;
  • administrative and technical supervision.

The Acting Governor for the period of his absence (on the order).
Coordinates the activities of Vice-Governor of the region (on behalf of the Governor of the region).

Coordinates and supervises the work:

Supervises the activities of organizations and institutions in the relevant areas, organizations that carry out economic activities in the field of "Mining", economic companies engaged in the production, transportation and sale of thermal energy, whose shares are in the state ownership of the Vladimir region.
The head of the coordination and advisory bodies formed relevant regulatory legal acts (within the powers assigned).
Interacts (within assigned authority) to:
  • federal authorities, state authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • industry associations, unions, associations, societies, foundations;
  • local authorities of municipalities of the Vladimir region;
  • territorial bodies of federal executive bodies;
  • Office of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for Vladimir region;
  • Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Vladimir Region;
  • Upper Volga Basin Water Administration of the Federal Agency of Water Resources, Department of Water Resources at the Vladimir region;
  • Department of Geology and Licensing for Ivanovo, Vladimir and Kostroma regions of the Department of Mineral Resources of the Central Federal District.