Region's Automobile Reference Number - 33
Federal District - Central
Date of establishment – the 14th of August 1944
Territory - 29.000 square kilometers
Population - The overall population is 1358,5 thousand people (as on the 1st of January 2020);
78,3% is urban population. The population density per 1 square kilometer is 47,4.
Regional centre – the town of Vladimir (360,4 thousand people) situated to the north-east of Moscow 154 km away
Administrative territorial division

  • Towns – 23

  • Districts – 16

  • Urban districts – 3

  • Urban-type settlements – 9

Municipal territorial division

  • Urban districts – 5

  • Municipal districts – 16

  • Urban settlements – 26

  • Rural settlements – 80

Geographical position
The region is situated in the central part of East European Plain. It borders on the Moscow, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Yaroslavl Regions.
Moderately continental with warm summer, moderately cold winter and persistent snow cover. The average air temperature in July varies from +17°C to +19°C, in January from -11°C to -12°C. Average annual total precipitation amounts to 550-600 mm.
Biggest towns

  • Vladimir

  • Kovrov

  • Murom

  • Aleksandrov

  • Kolchugino

  • Gus-Khrustalny

  • Vyazniki

Natural resources

  • Peat

  • Clays

  • Carbonate rocks

  • Quartz sand

  • Sand and gravel materials

  • Metallurgical dolomite

Main branches of economic activity

  • Manufacture of food products, including beverages

  • Production of electrical, electronic and optical equipment

  • Production of machinery and equipment

  • Production of other nonmetallic mineral products

  • Metallurgical production and manufacture of ready-made metal products

  • Chemical production

  • Production of rubber and plastics articles

  • Textile and clothing production

  • Production of transport vehicles and equipment

  • Wood processing and production of wood articles

  • Pulp and paper production; publishing and printing activity

  • Production of leather, leather goods and shoes


  • Agricultural lands of the region occupy 860 thousand hectares.

  • The leading directions are production of vegetables, fodder and special kinds of potatoes for further processing for chips.

  • Cattle breeding has a share of 63,2 % in the total volume of agricultural products of the region. Specialization – production of milk, meat (beef, pork, poultry), eggs.

  • Besides, horses of the famous breed «Vladimir Draught-Horse» are being raised in the region.


  • Railway . A ramified network of railways, the main are: Moscow - Vladimir -Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow - Murom - Kazan, Moscow - Alexandrov - Ivanovo.

  • Automobile . The federal highways Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan (highway M-7 «Volga») and Moscow - Yaroslavl run through the territory of the region. The region has a ramified network of automobile roads connecting the Central Russia with other regions of the country.

  • Water . Inland navigation on the rivers Oka and Klyazma.

Air . Air freight and passenger services.