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Full name, years of life (or period)
Alexander Nevsky , circa 1220-1263
The Grand Prince of Vladimir (1252-1263)
Andrei Bogolyubsky circa 1111-1174
The Grand Prince of Vladimir (1157-1174)
Vsevolod the Big Nest 1154-1212
The Grand Prince of Vladimir (1176-1212)
Dmitri Pozharsky 1578- 1642
Prince, commander, one of the leaders of the liberation struggle of the Russian people against the Polish-Lithuanian invaders at the beginning of the XVII century.
Speranski M.M. 1772-1839
Secretary of State, the reformer
Men of science
Vinogradov D.I. 1720-1758
Father of Russian porcelain
Bezobrazov V.P. 1828-1889
Russian economist, academician
Zhukovsky N.E.1847-1921
Scientist, founder of hydro- and aerodynamics
Gubkin I.M. 1871-1939
Academician, founder of oil geology
Degtyarev V.A. 1879-1949
Small arms designer, major-general, Ph.D.
Shmakov P.V. 1885-1982
Scientist in the area of television and electronics, Ph.D.
 Zworykin V.K. 1888-1982
Engineer-inventor in the area of electronics, founder of TV broadcast
Blagonravov A.A. 1894-1975
Academician, mechanics (ballistics) and space research scientist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Simonov S.G. 1894-1986
Small arms designer
Stoletov A.G. 1839-1896
Physicist, founder of the first physical laboratory in Moscow University
Shpagin G.S. 1897-1952
Small arms designer
Tikhonravov M.K. 1900-1974
Rocket techniques designer, Ph.D., participant to the development of first Soviet satellites, spacecrafts and interplanetary stations
Khromov P.A. 1907-1987
Economist, Professor
Belyakov R.A. 1919
Scientist in the area of mechanics, aircraft designer, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Kubasov V.N. 1935
Pilot astronaut, honorary citizen of the cities of Vladimir and Vyazniky
Bakulov I.A. 1925-2010
Epizootologist, microbiologist
Kunin V.N. 1931
Kamanin N.P. 1908-1982
Colonel-General of air force, one of the first heroes of the Soviet Union (1934, the star No 2), the head of the first cosmonauts training corps.
Voronin N.N.  1904-1976
Archaeologist, historian of the Old Russian art, honorary citizen of the city of Vladimir
Workers of culture and sport
Andrei Rublev circa 1360-70-circa 1430
Old Russian painter, icon-painter, founder of Moscow School of Painting
Zlatovratsky N.N. 1845-1911
Taneyev S.I. 1856-1915
Russian composer, music theorist, educationist
Fatyanov A.I. 1919-1959
Levitan Yu.B. 1914-1983
Broadcaster of the All-Union Radio
Nikitin S.K. 1926-1973
Soloukhin V.A. 1924-1997
Andrianov N.E. 1952-2011
Gymnast, Honored Master of Sports, a seven-time Olympic champion, an honorary citizen of the city of Vladimir
Military commanders
Suvorov A.V. 1730-1800
Russian commander, Generalissimo
Lazarev M.P. 1788-1851
Russian fleet admiral
Stoletov N.G. 1834-1912
Infantry general, national hero of Bulgaria
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