Structure of the administration

Governor of the the Vladimir region - Sipagin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Phone: 8 (4922) 33-15-52
Chamber: Office 601(building of the regional administration)

Head of the Secretariat - Telegin Alexander Victorovich

Department for the Administrative Authorities and Public Safety
Head of the Department - Novikov Andrei Vasilyevich
Committee Chairman -Shalomentseva Elena Gennadievna

Supervisory Committee
Committee Chairman - Polyzin Sergei Vladimirovich

Public Relations and Media Committee
Committee Chairwoman - Olga Alexandrovna  Petrova


Office for the Protection of State Secrets and Information
Head of Department - Nikolai Alekseevich Kononov 

Office for combating corruption
Head of Department - Igor Ivanovich Lebed