Structure of the administration

First Deputy Governor for Industry and Economic Policy - Aleksei Vladimirovich Konyshev
Phone: (4922) 32-53-25, office. 610 (in the building of the regional administration)

Secretariat of the Deputy Governor for Industry and the Economic Policy
Chief Officer - Valentina Nikolaevna Momot

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Department of Investments and Foreign Economic Affairs
Head of the Department - Hromenkova Inna Andreevna

Department of Transport and Public Road System
Head of the Department - Aleksandr Vasilievich Romanenko

Department of Prices and Tariffs
Head of the Department - Maria Sergeevna Novoselova

Committee for Economic Development
Head of the Department -  Vladimir Viktorovich Olkhov
Expert-Analytical management
Head of expert-analytical management- Galina Dmitrievna Mardash