Structure of the administration

Acting First Deputy Governor of the region - Maxim Sergeyevich Brusentsov
Phone: (4922) 32-53-25, office. 610 (in the building of the regional administration)

Secretariat of the First Deputy Governor of the region
Head of Secretariat -

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Department of Agriculture and Food
Head of the Department - Konstantin Borisovich Demidov

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Department of Investments and Foreign Economic Affairs
Head of the Department - Denis Konstantinovich Davydov

Department of Enterprise, Trade and services
Head of the Department Timur Renatovich Ramazanov


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Veterinary Department
Head of the Department - Maxim Vladimirovich Tikhonov

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State Inspectorate of Technical Oversight
Head of the Inspectorate - Yuriy Vasilyevich Suslov

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Committee for Economic Development
Committee Chairman - Evgeny Valerevich  Sokolskikh

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Committee for Tourism
Committee Chairman