Structure of the administration

Acting Deputy Governor of the region -  Alexander Aleksandrovich Bayer

Phone: (4922) 32-50-61, office. 610 (in the building of the regional administration)



Secretariat of the Deputy Governor of the region
Head of the Secretariat Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Sintsova

Department of Housing
Head of the Department

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Department of Transport and Public Road System
Head of the Department - Alexey Dmitrievich Kosilov

Department of Prices and Tariffs
Head of the Department - Maria Sergeevna Novoselova

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Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Head of the Department - Mikhail Yuryevich Romanichev

Department of Forestry Management
Head of the Department - the main state wood inspector Vladimir region -

State Housing Inspectorate
Head of the Inspectorate - Elena Alexandrovna  Andreeva

State Inspection of the administrative and technical supervision
Head of Inspection - Victor Ivanovich Pridibaylo

State Inspectorate for Protection and use of wildlife
Head of Inspection -Valeriy Aleksandrovich Kuftin

Inspection of the state construction supervision
Head of Inspection - Oleg Vitalyevich Makhanko